Here are a few pictures that I drew … some time ago.  It’s so long ago now that I look back and can’t believe that I had the patience to do them.  My favourite is the one named anouk, which is the name of the person whose picture I copied from a tatty old book of movies and movie stars.

Pictures are: #1 A teddy bear (This was drawn from life. The bear belonged to my sister). #2 A fashion model (This was drawn from a magazine). #3 An actress (This was drawn from a movie book). #4 Alex (This was drawn from a photo of my nephew)

Chain Reaction

Ever listened to BBC Radio 4’s Chain Reaction ?  It’s brilliant – here are a few quotes from some of my favourite episodes:

Graham Linehan talks to Adam Buxton.  Ser.9 Ep.6.  Graham (02:08): “I’m at a slight disadvantage in being the interviewer this week, because I have no interest in other people”.

Stewart Lee interviews Alan Moore.  Ser.1 Ep.5.  Alan (03:30) talking about DC comic author Stan Lee: “[he] had this huge breakthrough of two-dimensional characters”.   

Stewart Lee interviews Alan Moore.  Ser.1 Ep.5.  Alan (16:11) talking about his parody of the genesis of the Batman character, in which his character says “my parents have been gunned down in front of my eyes, I will become a mumbling, traumatised street-person and scare everybody, not just criminals”.

Mark Thomas talks to Alexei Sayle.  Ser.2 Ep.3.  Mark (03:13): “Your parents were both Communists, how much did that influence you?” Alexi: “Massively,  they told me that it was Lenin who came down the chimney at Christmas”.