Recommended Podcasts: Ed and Ed-Tech

Updated:  Here are a few excellent podcasts that I’ve come across about computing, education technology, education, or others.  They are either dedicated to those topics or have some interesting episodes.

  • The Digital Human (BBC Radio 4)
  • Codes that Changed the World (BBC Radio 4)
  • Hidden Histories of the Information Age (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Edtech Podcast (Sophie Bailey)
  • Tech Tent (BBC World Service)
  • Click (BBC World Service)
  • 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy (BBC World Service)
  • Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Educators (BBC Radio 4)
  • Computing Britain (BBC Radio 4)

Here are also a few recommendations for podcasts about writing – academic and general.

  • WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers (Walden University)
  • The Literature Review Podcast (Literature Review HQ)
  • The Invisible College (BBC Radio 4)

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