I have a PLE … and it was news to me !

Having read Martin Weller’s blog post about his Personal Learning Environment (PLE), I have created a map to represent the web of applications that I use.

I was surprised, as I added them to the page, to discover how many applications that I use in total (and I’m sure that others use many more). On my map I’ve tried to also indicate where elements overlap in function and purpose – in terms of how I use them.


I’ve highlighted the two Open University elements, which represent the OU-controlled VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) functions that I use most.

Some commentators discuss a competing view of the role of VLEs and PLEs – as if it is a choice of one or the other.  I think that this map demonstrates that organisations cannot hope to offer all of the services and features that a student might already be using to support their productivity and additional learning activity. However, where there is an element of assessment, or course requirement, there should probably be an organisationally supported and/or managed system available.

Disclaimer:  the rhyme in the title of this post was completely accidental 🙂

OU activity w21.a2g

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