Podcasts: essential and dreadful

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about disability lately, in preparation for the first module of my OU study which relates to online learning and the support of disabled students.  Having completed dozens of revisions of my first assignment, I felt that it was almost ready for submission.  So, I decided to have a change and download something different to listen to on the bus.

I chose a couple of podcasts on academic writing.  After an hour of listening to various short episodes I was gripped with the feeling that my assignment needed a lot of work!  A number of rewrite/revisions later I do feel that it is significantly better.  So the initial feeling of dread, and the wish that I’d listened to some music instead, has been replaced by relief and gratitude.

To anyone who hasn’t tried them, I really recommend listening to podcasts.  For study purposes it’s a great way to keep engaged with your subject.  It can be fitted into and around the rest of your life, and turn what might otherwise be wasted time into an enjoyable and effective support of your formal study activities.

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