Who would have thought of complaining that an assignment word count was too small ?  I’ve just finished my first OU assignment and find that meeting a 1500 word limit is nearly as difficult as being asked to meet one of twice the length.

To say it’s smaller than usual, I don’t think that I took significantly less time, or went through fewer revisions.  Possibly the re-writing of every sentence to make it more concise will have been the equivalent of an artist not knowing when to stop and overworking a painting.  Just to confirm … I definitely wasn’t comparing the assignment to a work of art then !  One would hope that it finished a bit tighter than it might have been, as a result of the pressure to make each word count.  Time will tell … after all it hasn’t been marked yet !

Update:  I got 77% for that assignment … maybe all assignments should have very tight word counts!  I think that with a tight word count you are forced to stick rigidly to the topic/question, and it’s this focus which improves the content.

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